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Online Image Delivery

Access Code = demo

Want to just jump right in? Enter the access code demo in the box above and start exploring.

Or read further for a brief description of how our Online Image Delivery system works.

  • After entering the access code provided, you'll arrive at a top-level page with the name of our demo site.   Click on it to see the images.
  • You'll see a list of subcategories; we have organized them by the types of shoots we do and have done in the past.   On your site, the images can be organized however you choose.   We typically order images based on the events in the shoot schedule.

  • Click on any category to view the images in that category.

  • Browse images:  Browse through the thumbnails.   Enlarge the thumbnail by clicking on it.

  • Download individual images:   Download by clicking on the download button below the thumbnail.   From the enlarge thumbnail screen, scroll down to the bottom of the image to find the download button there.

  • Download Screen:   After you click the download button, the download screen pops up.   You can choose to download the individual image, the entire category of images or the contents of your lightbox (see below).   You also have the choice of download resolution:   Print resolution (9"x13", 300dpi) or web resolution (5"x7", 72dpi).

  • Lighbox IconLight Box:  As you browse, put images you like in our virtual Light Box (your wish list) by clicking on the "Light Box" button under the thumbnail or the enlarged thumbnail to save for later review.   To look at the contents of your Light Box, click on the light bulb icon at the top right of your screen.   Add or delete images from your Light Box; the images will stay in your Light Box until you remove them.   Download the entire contents of the Light Box by selecting "Light Box" in the download screen.

  • Use access code demo; enter it into the prompt area after clicking on this link.   All access codes are case-sensitive, with no puncuation.